The Kasiisi Project: Helping Ugandan children one school at a time

Our partner organization, The Kasiisi Project, has launched a beautiful new website! Now is a great time to highlight the important work they do to help Ugandan schoolchildren in the area around Kibale National Park.  Recognizing the wide range of impediments for rural children to succeed in school and make it out of poverty, The Kasiisi Project works on multiple fronts.  Programs start with the fundamentals of providing safe and adequate school buildings, supplying books and materials, training teachers, promoting literacy, and funding scholarships for higher education.  They extend to fostering student nutrition, health, and hygiene both through practical measures and through educational programs to keep kids coming to school.  Children are supported from nursery school through to college (a Kasiisi graduate was just accepted to Harvard University!).  Conservation is an important part of the Kasiisi Project’s objectives.  Students and their families receive training and materials to foster sustainable energy use and alternatives to exploiting the forest.  And, of course, chimpanzee and forest conservation are a focal part of learning (and fun!) throughout the program.

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