Teaming up to protect Kibale’s chimpanzees

Kanyawara and Ngogo snare removal teams jointly patrol the park boundary (Photo: Andrew Bernard).

In May 2012, KCP’s snare removal program, which operates around the Kanyawara study site, hosted the snare removal team from the Ngogo chimpanzee study site, which is also within Kibale and lies 10 km to the southeast of Kanyawara. Both teams collaborate with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to remove snares set illegally within the park which can injure, maim, and even kill chimpanzees.  At the May meeting, the two teams jointly patrolled the park boundary to learn from each other’s techniques and experiences. They also met with Kibale officials to discuss the current state of snare patrols in the park.  This meeting marks the beginning of increased collaboration between the two projects that will hopefully translate into increased protection for all of Kibale’s chimpanzees and other resident wildlife.

Participants in Kanyawara-Ngogo snare removal team training day (Photo: Andrew Bernard).

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