Francis Rwabuhinga receives more conservation awards

We are proud to announce that Francis Rwabuhinga, our KSRP Conservation Education Coordinator, has been awarded the American Society of Primatologists’ 2013 Conservation Award. This prestigious award recognizes young conservationists from habitat countries who have made significant and continuing contributions to primate conservation and education. Francis’s collaborative work with the Kasiisi Project and the Kibale Snare Removal Program (KSRP) highlights the importance of primate conservation and educational outreach in the schools surrounding Kibale National Park. We look forward to watching Francis grow as a conservationist and an educator in the future. Later this year, Francis will be presented with a plaque in front of his co-workers, peers, and students to recognize the importance of his achievement.

Francis was selected for several other prestigious awards earlier this year. In June, Francis was named Educator of the Month by the Primate Education Network. In April he received the International Primatological Society’s 2013 Charles Southwick Conservation Education Commitment Award. We are very proud of Francis and his recent achievements!

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