New children’s book features Kibale primates

Artist Eric Losh has created a beautiful new book featuring the primates of the Kibale Forest.

“The Chorus of Kibale” is a children’s book (ages 8+) about a young Redtail Monkey named Kibale. Her wild nature gets her separated from her monkey troop in the African rain forest. During her journey home she meets many other primate animals—from chimpanzees to bushbabies—that teach her how to listen to find her way home.

You can purchase a copy of this book for $25 and support its publication at Indiegogo. Portions of the proceeds will support conservation and environmental education programs. Additionally, “chimpanzee” level donations of $50 will donate a copy of the book to a school  or library — some of these copies will go to our own Kasiisi School Project.