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Richard Wrangham on BBC Earth

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Richard Wrangham discusses doll play by chimpanzees at Kanyawara.

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Richard Wrangham and Jane Goodall in conversation


See Richard Wrangham and Jane Goodall at the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

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A Conservation with Richard Wrangham

Kibale Chimpanzee Project co-director Richard Wrangham was interviewed by the New York Times about chimpanzees, human evolution, and his new book “Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human” Read the article here.

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Explaining the distribution of a chimpanzee social custom


Adult chimpanzees retain their maternal grooming style rather than conforming to a group norm.

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Apes Seizure Database reveals extent of illegal trade


Richard Wrangham discusses the illegal trade in apes.

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Saving Apes on World Wildlife Day

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This short video, narrated by Richard Wrangham, clarifies some of the threats facing wild apes.

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