Kibale Chimpanzee Project

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Richard Wrangham on human self-domestication in the Wall Street Journal

We differ from our ancient ancestors in ways similar to how dogs differ from wolves.

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Richard Wrangham on BBC Earth

Richard Wrangham discusses doll play by chimpanzees at Kanyawara.

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Coverage of KCP’s Snare Removal Project

KCP’s anti-poaching collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority has just been featured in The Guardian.

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Dr. Emily Otali on the BBC

Dr. Emily Otali discusses her work with the Kibale Chimpanzee Project.

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Kanyawara chimpanzee behavior profiled in National Geographic

Kanyawara juveniles – especially females – carry sticks in a manner suggestive of a rudimentary form of doll play (see May 8, 2011 post). A photo of chimpanzee “dolls” appears in the Sept 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine. Click…

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A Matter of Life and Limb

Due to Ugandan cultural views, which place the eating of apes as taboo, chimpanzees in Kibale National Park are thankfully free of poaching pressure.  However, our chimpanzees face a continuing threat of getting caught in wire snares placed (illegally) by…

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