Kibale Chimpanzee Project

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The Kibale Chimpanzee Project is dedicated to the conservation and welfare of chimpanzees and their habitats. We are committed to promoting long-term research on chimpanzees and their ecosystems, to further our understanding of primate diversity, conservation biology, and the evolution of the human condition. We also work with government agencies and international partners to improve the lives of people living near chimpanzees. These programs increase awareness of the benefits of protecting rainforests and their inhabitants, and help to increase income in local areas, to reduce the destruction of the rainforest.

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The Kibale Chimpanzee Project is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your tax-deductible donations support research, conservation, and education efforts in Kibale National Park. Try the links below to make a donation directly via PayPal, buy fabulous KCP gear, or register with our affiliate programs to make donations with your online purchases. Visit our support page for more details.





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