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Apes Seizure Database reveals extent of illegal trade

Richard Wrangham discusses the illegal trade in apes.

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Saving Apes on World Wildlife Day

This short video, narrated by Richard Wrangham, clarifies some of the threats facing wild apes.

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Kanyawara chimpanzees enjoy low mortality risk

The Kanyawara community has grown slightly over the past 25 years, avoiding the worst impacts of human contact.

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Kibale National Park is located in rural Uganda, where economic and educational opportunities are still quite limited. Because we work closely with the local community that makes up our field staff, and because community development is an essential component of…

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The Kibale Chimpanzee Project, established by Dr. Richard Wrangham in 1987, is a long-term field study of the behavior, ecology, and physiology of wild chimpanzees. Our researchers and field staff conduct daily behavioral observations on a group of approximately 60…

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June 2013 Social networks could help prevent disease outbreaks in endangered chimpanzees. ScienceDaily. January 2013 Watching teeth grow. Harvard Gazette. August 2011 Chimps and dolls. National Geographic. May 2011 Chimps are champs. Ranger Rick Magazine. December 2010 Young female chimps…

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