June 2013

Social networks could help prevent disease outbreaks in endangered chimpanzees. ScienceDaily.

January 2013

Watching teeth grow. Harvard Gazette.

August 2011

Chimps and dolls. National Geographic.

May 2011

Chimps are champs. Ranger Rick Magazine.

December 2010

Young female chimps cradle stick-toys like dolls. Scientific American.

Female chimps play dollies with sticks. The Telegraph.

Wild chimps make their own ‘dolls’. New Scientist.

Girl chimpanzees may use sticks as dolls. Wired.

Female chimps play with stick dolls. Discovery News.

April 2010

A matter of life and limb. Science.

Richard Wrangham: studying chimpanzees with Jane Goodall. Big Think

January 2010

New evidence of culture in wild chimpanzees. U.S. News &World Report.

December 2009

Despicable, yes, but not inexplicable. American Scientist.

April 2009

From studying chimps, a theory on cooking. New York Times.

February 2008

Key ‘Impact Hunters’ catalyze hunting among male chimpanzees. Science Daily.

December 2007

Menopause in chimps? Science NOW.

Menopause sets humans apart from chimps. New Scientist.

Wild chimpanzees appear not to regularly experience menopause. Science Daily.

January 2007

Male chimps use sexual coercion. New Scientist.

Domestic violence in the jungle. Science NOW.

Chimps hold clues to roots of domestic violence. The Telegraph.

November 2006

Male chimps prefer older females as mates. USA Today.

In praise of older chimps. Quirks & Quarks.

Male chimpanzees prefer mating with older females. Science Daily.

Male chimps prefer older females. LiveScience.

Chimps prefer the older woman. ABC Science.

Male chimps prefer older mates. Washington Post.