Project Data

Long-term data from KCP are available to the broader community in two forms. Currently, data from 1988-2017 are integrated into a formal relational database in Microsoft Access. The database includes >230,000 15-min. scan samples, >51,000 10-min. focal observations, >2000 full-day focal observations, plus tables of demographic, grooming, aggression and copulation data. Automated queries provide tallies of party size and composition, demographic patterns, and association indices. A database manual is available here for outside researchers.

Long-term paper data from KCP are also scanned and digitally archived. The data are stored and accessible to the public through a dataverse network maintained by the Institute of Quantitative Social Sciences (IQSS) at Harvard University. The KCP Dataverse contains more than 16 years of data from the site (in 6393 files), representing approximately one-third of the total paper data collected. We are currently working backwards through the archive, to place the entirety online.

Interested parties should contact project directors for more information, and access to these resources.

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