Kibale Chimpanzee Project


Sex differences in early aggressive experience at Kanyawara

A new study in PNAS shows that male chimpanzees receive more aggression than females by 4-5 yrs, probably because they display more aggression.

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Happy low, lie down!

20 years of hormone data reveal the costs of status competition among male chimpanzees in Kanyawara.

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Strontium isotopes track sex-biased dispersal in Kibale

A new publication in Royal Society Open Science could help to reconstruct social behavior in extinct primates.

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Older chimpanzees accentuate the positive

New KCP research in the journal Science shows that older chimpanzees, like humans, focus on positive social interactions and high-value, mutual friendships.

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New book from Harvard University Press.

“Chimpanzees and Human Evolution” features chapters by current and former KCP researchers.

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Killing by chimpanzees is not caused by human disturbance

A new study finds that adaptive strategies, not human impacts, best explain chimpanzee lethal aggression.

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