Kibale Chimpanzee Project


Explaining the distribution of a chimpanzee social custom

Adult chimpanzees retain their maternal grooming style rather than conforming to a group norm.

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New KCP research in PNAS

Chimpanzee mothers who reproduce faster end up with smaller infants.

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Pan the Hunter

A serial killer torments Kanyawara’s monkeys.

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Killing by chimpanzees is not caused by human disturbance

A new study finds that adaptive strategies, not human impacts, best explain chimpanzee lethal aggression.

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Kanyawara chimpanzees enjoy low mortality risk

The Kanyawara community has grown slightly over the past 25 years, avoiding the worst impacts of human contact.

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Kibale isotope study in Proceedings B

Carbon and oxygen data from Kibale chimpanzees and associated fauna help to reconstruct ape and hominin habitats. See Dr. Sherry Nelson discuss this new research.

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