Kibale Chimpanzee Project

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Explaining the distribution of a chimpanzee social custom


Adult chimpanzees retain their maternal grooming style rather than conforming to a group norm.

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New KCP research in PNAS


Chimpanzee mothers who reproduce faster end up with smaller infants.

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Pan the Hunter


A serial killer torments Kanyawara’s monkeys.

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Killing by chimpanzees is not caused by human disturbance


A new study finds that adaptive strategies, not human impacts, best explain chimpanzee lethal aggression.

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Chimpanzee males sacrifice feeding time to mate


A new study from Kanyawara quantifies the costs of male mating competition.

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Chimpanzees pant hoot to reunite with their friends

Kanyawara - Kibale National Park, Uganda_20110921_5636 copy

A new study from Kanyawara sheds light on the function of a chimpanzee vocalization.

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